Bucket List


    1. Climb Mt. Fuji
    2. Live abroad
    3. Go to Holi Festival in India
    4. See Aurora Borealis
    5. Visit all of the countries on my Travel Bucket List
    6. Make friends in every country
    7. Get married
    8. Have kids
    9. Buy a house
    10. Hang glide
    11. Indoor skydive
    12. Hot air balloon
    13. Travel around Australia camping
    14. Scubadive
    15. Swim with turtles
    16. Make a snowman
    17. Spend a snow season in Whistler
    18. Sleep in an igloo
    19. Say yes to something crazy
    20. Climb to the top of the Eiffel tower
    21. Write and publish a book
    22. Become an entrepreneur
    23. Attend a strangers wedding
    24. Go to a drive in movie
    25. Meet an idol
    26. Backpack through Asia
    27. Get my tattoo of Nan and Grandad
    28. Get a dog
    29. Educate children in third world countries
    30. Go to a country music festival
    31. Buy a house
    32. Save a life
    33. Be a bridesmaid
    34. Do a colour run
    35. Visit the pyramids of Gyza
    36. Learn to knit
    37. Be my own boss
    38. Go to Italy and visit my cousins
    39. Learn an instrument
    40. Graduate University
    41. Go on a cruise
    42. Go ice-skating
    43. Introduce myself to a stranger
    44. Be kissed at midnight on New Years Eve
    45. Learn how to be an amazing cook
    46. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    47. Go skydiving
    48. Go to disneyland
    49. See all my favourite artists live
    50. Make a stranger smile everyday
    51. Drive somewhere far away and just do nothing
    52. Live in, and experience different cultures
    53. Make someones day
    54. Show everyone kindness everyday
    55. Be there for someone when no one else is
    56. Receive a bouquet of flowers, because they felt like it
    57. Wish on a shooting star
    58. Make a change
    59. Fly a plane
    60. Climb a mountain
    61. Camp under the stars
    62. Swim with sharks
    63. Pet a tiger
    64. Sponsor a child
    65. Ride in a helicopter
    66. Score my dream job
    67. Have my last first kiss
    68. Learn to skateboard
    69. Learn to surf
    70. Party on a New York rooftop
    71. Have a glow stick fight
    72. Watch a volcano erupt