June Long Weekend

June Long Weekend Location Pin 2 Sussex Inlet

For the past 6 years the June Long Weekend has been full of fun activities, random antics, bonfires and laughs.


Just over two hours away from busy everyday life in Sydney, we get to escape a relaxing haven that everyone from 0 to 100 can enjoy. A place where family and friends come together to share in all of life’s pleasures, big and small. From eating he biggest cheese platter you could ever imagine and not feeling guilty about it, to getting overly ambitious on the JetSki and wiping out.

If you’ve visited my blog before, had a chance to read through my posts, or flick through my galleries, you’ll know where I’m talking about. Sussex Inlet. Sausage Singlet. A small town on the coast south of Sydney; population 3,500 people.

This weekend we got to pack our bags and head down the coast again! We got to warm up to winter the traditional way; with fire! Chuck the chairs on the tray and drive them down to the back paddock – bring the beer, wine, hot soup and dumplings, and lets roast some marshmallows!



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Michaela, born in '95 Sydney, Australia. I love to try new things and write about it.

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